Back from the dead

I (Basil Snowden) received an initial email by a lawyer promising an inheritance of a long lost relative named “Edward”. Should I really be related to that Edward Snowden? We will see…

My comments are marked yellow.

Hello Basil Snowden,

Thanks for your prompt response and I would go straight to the point.I want to front you as the sole beneficiary of Edward's Estate since I've been unfortunate in locating any of my late clients relative. The Standard Chartered bank just gave me a last warning notice to get the Next of Kin of Late Edward
 Snowden or his funds US$6.9m shall be declared Unclaimed and sent into government treasury. This transaction is 100% real and does not have any criminal origin.You are qualified by your name identity and I believe it's an opportunity for us to regain everything we've lost in the past.

Late Edward was a client, friend and brother of mine in the Freemason fold. We belong to the Grand Lodge of England affiliated with the Scottish rites of Scotland, but he has unfortunately been deceased for some years now. Are you willing and ready to assist in this transaction? We shall both benefit financially.All correspondence via this private mail box.Please find below my tel-number+44 00000000

Awaiting response,

Let’s not be too eager...

Maybe. What can I do to help?

Best regards,
B. Snowden

And here comes the good news.

Hello Basil,

Thanks for your on time response and concerns for the family and my position, seeking for your consent to stand in as the next of kin to the late Deceased Edward Snowden domiciliary bank account deposit[$US6.9m] with the Standard Chartered Bank.

Note that this transaction is 100% real /risk free and does not have any criminal origin all I need from you is your consent to front you as the sole beneficiary to this funds so that the funds can be remitted into your nominated bank account.

At the moment, it is imperative that you furnish me with the following information/data to enable me notify the banking authorities about my contact with you immediately.

1] A copy of your International passport or drivers license            .


3] Mobile Tel number         

I will provide you with any information you need as we proceed, bearing in mind that you have finally made up your mind to proceed for I do not want to jeopardize the success of this transaction which means so much to me at the moment. I am not a greedy fellow,I am ready to path you with %45 ,%45 for me,%5 shall be given to charity and then %5 shall be set aside for reimbursement to both parties for any expenses we shall incur during the course of this transaction. Please remember to keep this transaction highly confidential because any leakage would jeopardize the success of this transaction.

I promise you success in this transaction as I have already envisaged all our plans successful. Thank you for good understanding, I look forward to your positive response soon. [ASAP].


Unfortunately, I did not have my passport at hand, so I created a fake departmental ID. And in case you did not know: all parapsychologists have ID cards!

Dear Mr. Smith

Please find attached the required information. I did not have a passport at hand and I don't drive a car anymore (after an unfortunate incident which, I'm sure, is of no interest to you). However, I attached a photograph of my departmental ID card. I hope, this is sufficient.
In my current position I work as a senior researcher at the Institut für Parapsychology at the University of Hamburg, and you may contact the central switchboard at +00 00 00000-0000 in order to get in touch. I may be in the field, though.

In anticipation of your answer,

Basil Snowden

PS: What kind of charity did you have in mind?

Everything went smoothly. No red flags on his end.

Hello Basil,

I acknowledge receipt of your mail and the contents noted.Your ID ,I believe will suffice for the application letter.l have just filled in an Application letter with the Standard Chartered bank for onward processing of your file and release of funds in your favour so check your email regularly for any mail from Standard Chartered Bank and keep me posted so that l can advice on what to do immediately.

The bank would contact you any moment from now because the information's on the Application letter are highly accurate,classified and sensitive information s of Late Edward so they would attend to it expediently.As for charity,I prefer the British heart foundation or the Red cross.Anyway we could divide the %5 between us and give it to any charity of choice.

I look forward to having a healthy business relationship with you.Remember to keep this transaction confidential until we accomplish complete success as you know its not everybody that wants your progress in life so let's keep it on the low until we conclude this transaction.

Best regards,
Principal partner

Soon after, I received an email from the "bank".

Dear Sir,
The management of Standard chartered bank would like to inform you that we have received your letter to the bank applying for the claim of one of our late avowed customer Mr Edward  Snowden submitted with the subject:(Application as next of kin drawing from the account of the late Mr Edward  Snowden with your bank valued at US$6,900,000.00).
Sir kindly note that all information provided in your application letter with relation to the said account are correct and as such you remain the true beneficiary to the funds and the bank is to honour and process your claim on your behalf as the sole beneficiary.
Sir we would like to say congratulations to you and in furtherance to the processing of your claim for the final transfer of your funds to your nominated account and in accordance with the banks banking guideline and laid down rules you are hereby advised to clear the process below:
The verification and final authorization on your transfer.
The management of the bank requires you to make available to the bank the following under-listed documents which would attest to the fact that you are the true beneficiary with accordance to the laws of England and Wales and also empower the bank under the law to have authorization to process and finally transfer your funds out to you as the beneficiary to the funds.
1: A sworn affidavit of claim duly signed and sealed from the high court UK.
2: A letter of administration /sworn injunction duly signed and sealed from the high court UK.
3: Bank Account details (Kindly fill attached E-14 form and send back to us)
Be informed that the management of the bank awaits to hear from you or your lawyer as detailed above for the clearance of your claim, failure to present this documents and clear this verification stage would mean that the claim application would be declared null and void and funds would be to the discretion of the bank to do as it so deems fit.
Thanks for your co-operation and understanding,
Yours faithfully,
Mr.Michael S. Merz
Head International Foreign Operations.
Standard Chartered Bank
Email International online

What to do now? Best to get the basics sorted out!


I have now received an email from the Standard Chartered Bank.
They advise me to communicate through my legal representative.

How do we proceed? Should we set up an official attorney-client relationship?

Be assured of my strictest confidentiality!

With sincerest regards,
B. Snowden

Mark was really getting proactive at this point and forked out a couple of thousand Dollars.

Hello Basil,

I was at the Her Majesty's High court to apply for the documents and I was surprised to find out that the documents were expensive.I had to pay $7,300 (equivalent) Gbp 5,996.49 for the documents and I was told to come back tomorrow morning to see if the court registrar and presiding judge would be around to sign and endorse the documents before they release them to me.Would be there tomorrow morning and if I am lucky,I should have them handy.Would submit the copies to the bank once I get them and would send you copies for your perusal and documentation.

Quickly fill the E-14 form and send to the bank and also inform them that your lawyer Mark Smith is working on getting the legal required documents.

Please at this time,I would advise that we keep this transaction highly confidential until we accomplish success because any leakage could jeopardize the success of this transaction.You know it's not everybody that wants your success in life so its best we keep it on the low until we conclude the transaction successfully.I don't want any hindrance or obstacle on our way to success because this transaction means so much to me.

As soon as the funds are in transit to your account,I would either send you an offshore account to pay in my share or come over to Germany to collect my share.I would like to do some investments in California and Dubai and after that go on a long holiday to the islands.Would retire from active service once this transaction pulls through and set myself up for life.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best.Would update you once I collect the documents from the court tomorrow morning.Stay well.

Mark Smith(Attorney at Law)
Principal partner

So far I have only received template emails from Mark. It's time to let him work for his money.
So, let's call Edward back from the dead!

Hello Mark,

Amazing news: I just found out that Edward Snowden may still be alive! As far as I can research, he may have simply gone into hiding and is now living under cover in Russia. Apparently, there was even a film made about him and his disappearance!

Will this have any affect on my inheritance? Should we hurry up the process before he decides to return?

Anyway, I will send the papers to the bank in my lunch break.

Best regards,
Basil Snowden

Surprisingly, Mark seems undeterred.

Hello Basil,

I wonder where you got the news about Edward living in Russia.There's nothing like that and Edward is not back back from the world of the dead.Please do submit filled out E-14 form and keep me posted.



Frankly, I was getting quite bored at this point. I pointed Mark to Edward Snowden's Wikipedia entry. I was quite certain that "Mark" would see through my little scheme and stop answering.

Suprisingly, "Mark" did not give up!

Hello Basil,
This is not the late Edward Snowden.Lets focus and conclude with our transaction.

He even send me this document that looks like a burnt-out graphics designer's fever dream:

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