Ella does not want money!

I must admit, I was sceptical when Ella Golan* contacted me out of the blue.

Ella is working at a bank in Israel and had somehow gotten hold of $13 million (or thereabouts, but who's counting). Because she "would not lie" she was willing to share this money with me.

Obviously, I was intrigued!

To prove her honest intentions, she sent me a picture of her passport (where she somehow had managed to forget to fill in some essential fields).

She then informed me that she was "divorced without children" and "enjoyed golfing".

She kindly shared a Hebrew proverb with me (the proverb is in fact Chinese):

Over long distance you learn about the strength of a horse and over time you learn about the character of a friend.

Since she also shared her address we me, I took the freedom to consult Google Maps, and I was appalled to find out that the Executive Vice President of a multinational Bank has to live in a shop that sells handbags...

Not only was I hesitant to lead on a poor rich woman, I was also slightly worried that her romantic interests might quickly take a weird turn.

We therefore had to part as friends, but I sent her on her way with this bit of Jewish wisdom from the book of Leviticus 19:11:

לא תגנבו ולא תכחשו ולא תשקרו איש בעמיתו׃
(You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another)

* This post is not meant to discredit the real Ella Golan, whose identity was misused by the scammer!

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